Fist son



Clecio Lira Brazilian Photographer Clecio Lira first found inspiration for this project as a young boy growing up in the Church. Michelangelo’s ‘Pietà,’ a depiction of The Virgin Mary holding Jesus’ dead body, struck a cord for young Lira and set his mind in action. He noticed the opulence of the fabric of Mary’s robes, but the richness seemed to take away from the beauty and heartbreak of the moment; Lira wanted to focus on the line behind the story. He thought of the strong connection each son has with his mother, “You may love your father, but not the same way you love your mother. ” Every son comes from his mother in the beginning, but few go back to her in the end. “It’s kind of unnatural for a child to die before his mother” he said. Using the Halo alone as a reminder of Purity, he chose to strip everything back to focus on the connection of mother and son. In this series Lira hopes to present a nonjudgmental depiction of the consequences of selected topics, such as war, drugs, loss, and disease. Utilizing only a few strong elements in each image, the photographer hoped to break away from the Church, “The church needed the richness of the fabric, the pomposo, I didn’t.” The artistic process for this series took quite some time; it was very important that each facet spoke for itself, that each model truly embodied the role portrayed, and each feeling was communicated. If there is a message in his work, Lira hopes to remind people to practice piety; forgive your fellow man for his wrongdoings. He asks the viewer to look inside one’s self while viewing his photographs. Do you see yourself in the images? By Travis Ryder
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